Shykira Smith for OK House District 63


The Oklahoma Democratic Veterans Federation strongly supports the election of Shykira Smith to Oklahoma House District 63. A US Army Veteran with over twelve years of active duty service, she deployed to Afghanistan in 2003 – 2004, and to Iraq in 2004, serving there alongside her husband. She was a senior medic under General Mark Milley, current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. (Her medical training served well in 2018, when – coming upon a roadside accident, she rescued a trapped motorist from his car.) Between them, the Smiths have over 38 years of active duty military service. Her father, grandfather, brother-in-law and son-in-law all served in the military as well. Shykira is an active member of VFW Post 1193, which celebrates its 90th birthday this year.

Shykira Smith believes that veterans transitioning from military to civilian life deserve as much support as they received when transitioning from civilian to soldier. House District 63 includes active duty soldiers and their families residing at Fort Sill, who deserve a Representative willing to work across the aisle to prioritize their needs, including education, finances, and mental health services.