The Oklahoma Democratic Veterans Federation strongly supports the election of Mike Bockus for Oklahoma House District 41. Having many friend and family connections to Veterans and active-duty service members, Mike appreciates the challenges they face in securing quality and timely healthcare, including the very best care to address mental issues like PTSD and depression. In addition, many Veterans require job training and career guidance as they transition to civilian life. Ensuring stable and affordable housing options is another essential priority to assist Veterans and their families.

As a State Representative, Mike Bockus will pursue practical measures to provide the support Veterans and military families deserve. Veterans’ facilities require additional funding, including telehealth services to make quality care more accessible. Mike will also work to expand job training programs and assistance in obtaining career certification. He will support affordable housing options tailored specifically for Veterans and military families. By focusing on key issues like these, Mike believes, Oklahomans can show not just appreciation but meaningful support to those who have bravely sacrificed in service to the nation.