Ronald Stewart for OK House District 73

The Oklahoma Democratic Veterans Federation strongly supports the election of Ron Stewart for Oklahoma House District 73. The husband of a Veteran, Stewart serves with many firefighter coworkers who are Veterans or on active duty. He understands that Veterans and military families face a multitude of challenges, including mental health struggles like PTSD, anxiety, and depression, and often suffer financial difficulties arising from these and other service-related conditions. Toxic exposure during service causes long-term health conditions. Women Veterans face unique needs during service and transition. Support for family caregivers needs improvement.  Ron knows that an efficient and accessible Veterans Administration, supported by State and community organizations, is crucial in meeting these needs.

Ron Stewart will support policies and legislation that expands access to healthcare, education and employment for Veterans and military families and for all Oklahomans. He will promote resources to encourage help-seeking behavior by Veterans facing mental health challenges. He will raise awareness by hosting town halls and working with the media to share Veteran success stories, to ensure that Veterans receive all the support they deserve from the nation they defended.