Melissa Provenzano for OK House District 79

The Oklahoma Democratic Veterans Federation strongly supports the re-election of Melissa Provenzano to Oklahoma House District 79. The daughter and step-daughter of US Veterans, including her late father, who served in Vietnam, she co-authored HB2734 in 2924, establishing June 12 as Oklahoma Women’s Veterans Appreciation Day to celebrate the achievements and contributions of Oklahoma Women Veterans to the US military.

She continues to promote better access to health services, including better access to mental health services, for Veterans through her work as Co-chair for the Mental Health Caucus. In 2022, she co-authored HB1967, the Dignity in Burial Act providing grants for burials for those unable to pay, and HB1806, which grants in-state tuition to honorably discharged Veterans. Both measures were enacted into law. The Assistant Minority Leader and past recipient of our Federation’s Legislator of the Year award, she has sponsored legislation extending tax relief to military pensioners.