Cyndi Munson for OK House District 84

The Oklahoma Democratic Veterans Federation strongly supports the re-election of Cyndi Munson as State Representative for District 85. Cyndi, the daughter of a Vietnam Veteran, who numbers many Veterans among her constituents, friends and colleagues, knows that service members deserve adequately funded mental health care during, as well as after their military service. She understands that the children of military families deserve support and attention as they transition between school systems.

Representative Munson, the House Minority Leader, advocates on the State level for expanded Veterans’ services, addressing mental and behavioral health challenges from PTSD to Alzheimer’s; and improved long-term care facilities, both public and private. On the national level, she supports expanded VA benefits for Veterans and surviving spouses, as well as long-term funding She is absolutely opposed to the privatization of Veterans Administration services. She will remain fully engaged in policy questions impacting military families, building relationships with key decision makers while working to raise wages, invest in public schools and other vital human services, and expand employment opportunities for Veterans.