Crystal LaGrone for OK House District 12

The Oklahoma Democratic Veterans Federation strongly supports the election of Crystal LaGrone to Oklahoma House District 12. The granddaughter of a Marine Corps Veteran of World War II, and grandniece of a Purple Heart POW in Korea, with many friends who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, Crystal knows that being an advocate for Veterans and active-duty service members and their families starts with listening.

Crystal knows that more resources are needed to address the crisis of suicide among Veterans and other mental health challenges brought on by their service to the nation. She knows that housing and food insecurities among Veterans demand investment by the State as well as the federal government. And she knows that active-duty service members need better base housing and other services, including increased wages. In office, she will evaluate the success of current programs and champion reforms. She will help to craft legislation improving Veterans’ access to health care, affordable housing, tax relief, education and high-paying civilian employment.

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