Cathy Smythe for OK House District 98

Cathy Smythe for OK House of Representatives HD98 (

The Oklahoma Democratic Veterans Federation strongly supports the election of Cathy Smythe to Oklahoma House District 98. The daughter of a World War II Veteran who stayed in Europe after the war, Cathy was born in Germany, living on base and on the economy in Greece and France. As with so many US armed forces dependents, she gained an exposure to the culture of host countries and an understanding of the world beyond the United States. Cathy believes that the most urgent issues facing Veterans are available housing, quality health care and finding a good job. And they need services that treat Veterans and families with the respect they deserve. As a legislator, she will advocate for recognition of military service and for support programs that assist families transitioning back into civilian life. And she will listen to Veterans and their families in identifying problems and finding solutions.