Suzanne Schreiber

House District 70

1. Have you ever served in the US Armed Forces? If so, what were your branch, rank and years of service?

I didn’t serve. Three of my grandparents served in the Navy.

2 Do you have connections with veterans or active-duty service members, including but not limited to family ties?

I am deeply connected and working with The Coffee Bunker – my district and I helping them.

3 What do you consider the most important issues facing veterans and military families?

Work on their mission to connect veterans to the workforce so they can thrive in civilian life. I consider this an important issue for veterans as it supports their whole life.

4 In what way can you be helpful to veterans and military families if elected to office?

In addition to my work to support Coffee Bunker in their mission, I am working on childcare affordability and accessibility to help all families have the infrastructure needed to work and to help the state grow the economy.

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