Name: Mark Mann
Office sought: Senate District 46

1. Have you ever served in the US Armed Forces? If so, what were your branch, rank and years of service? Mention any details you might want voters to know.


2. Do you have connections with veterans or active-duty service members, including but not limited to family ties?

I come from a family with a strong military background. Starting with my grandfather and great uncles who served in WWII. Following this I have three uncles who served, two in the Army and one in the Air Force and my father-in-law retired from the Air Force.

3. What do you consider the most important issues facing veterans and military families?

There are many pressing issues facing our veterans and active military. Specifically at the state level issues include homeless veterans; mental health care resources for veterans, active-duty military and their families; strengthening job training and small business assistance for those leaving service; and properly staffing and funding our veterans’ centers.

4. In what ways can you be helpful to Veterans and military families if elected to office?These may of course include policies not specifically directed to those communities. If you are an incumbent, include initiatives you have already undertaken.

The state needs to appropriate dollars so that county and city governments have resources to leverage federal dollars to address the issue of homelessness within the veteran community. No veteran should ever go homeless.

The state, through the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs and the State Department of Mental Health need to make broad mental health and substance abuse services available in a robust and timely manner to veterans, active-duty military, and their families.

Job training and small business assistance through the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs should be strengthened, fully funded and available to veterans across the state.

Ensuring that funding for Oklahoma’s Veterans Centers is increased to hire more staff and retain existing staff. These nursing centers should be the best in Oklahoma, period. It is a commitment that Oklahoma has made to veterans and that commitment should be honored and delivered in a world class way!

With a teaching shortage in Oklahoma the state needs to bolster efforts with our Troops to Teachers program. In the past this program has assisted retiring military personnel to transition into Oklahoma’s classrooms.

It is important to point out that while many of the programs the state offers to veterans are funded through federal dollars, there is no reason the state cannot invest additional state dollars to improve and expand programing. With a $2 billion dollar plus surplus in state funds it’s time to invest in our people!

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