1 Have you ever served in the U.S. Armed Forces? If so, what were your branch, rank and years of service? Mention any details you might want voters to know.

I am not a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces. I have a law enforcement career, serving as a Tulsa Police Officer and as an FBI Special Agent.

2 Do you have connections with veterans or active-duty service members, including but not limited to family ties?

Yes, I have many connections with veterans due to my law enforcement career. Many of my colleagues in law enforcement are veterans. I have trained with my military counterparts on military bases and visited military bases on investigative matters or in connection with the military careers of my children. Those bases include MCB Quantico, Ft. Bragg, the Pentagon, Luke AFB, Camp Butner, Kirtland AFB, MCB Camp Pendleton, MCB Camp Lejeune, MCRD Beaufort, MCRD Parris Island, and the U.S. Naval Academy.

I have two daughters and a son who served in the U.S. Marine Corps. One daughter completed Basic Training at MCRD Parris Island, my second daughter completed Officer Candidate School at MCB Quantico, and my son is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy.

My grandfather, Sgt. George Baker, served in the U.S. Army during WWI (90th Division, 358th Infantry). He was killed in action at the battle of Saint-Mihiel in France on September 12, 1918.

3 What do you consider the most imporlant issues facing veterans and military families?

Veteran suicides are an ongoing national tragedy. This must be addressed. Veterans need help accessing health services to include mental health services. They need help navigating a complex bureaucracy that almost discourages veterans from seeking the help they need. In addition, when a service member is deployed, military families need help taking care of their families from groceries to day-care. Finally. military families and veterans need help after leaving active duty with finding good jobs.

4 In what way can you be helpful to veterans and military tamilies if elected to office?

I will address the alarming suicide rate among veterans by expanding and improving veteran access to mental health services. I will expand and improve health care benefits and work to reduce the bureaucracy that discourages veterans from pursuing what they are owed. I will work to provide needed support for military families when a member of that family is deployed and make sure veterans get the help they need when they leave the military and start another career. I’ll support, fund, and protect the PACT Act, passed by Congressional Democrats, which provides healthcare for 3.5 million veterans who were exposed to toxic burn pits.


Dennis Baker

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