Name: Rep. Jacob Rosecrants 

Office sought: Oklahoma State House of Representatives District 46 
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1. Have you ever served in the US Armed Forces? If so, what were your branch, rank and years of service? Mention any details you might want voters to know.


2. Do you have connections with veterans or active dutyservice members, including but not limited to family ties?

Yes. My recently passed aunt was a Korean War Navy veteran and I have many veteran friends and constituents. I also created the Veterans Suicide Prevention Taskforce in ‘23, and I serve on the House Veterans Committee. 

3. What do you consider the most important issues facing veterans and military families?

 1. Moving past lip service to actual solutions. 

 2. Mental health services accessibility 

 3. Funding 

4. In what ways can you be helpful to Veterans and military families if elected to office? These may of course include policies not specifically directed to those communities. If you are an incumbent, include initiatives you have already undertaken.

I believe that we need to listen to our veterans and the families of veterans way before we pass legislation. Many times we don’t. As I mentioned before, I created the Veteran Suicide Prevention Taskforce (the recommendations of which shall be shared with the Gov & House/Senate leadership, including the minority party leaders). This idea came to me after listening to a constituent whose son, a veteran of the War in Iraq, died by suicide. 

I’ve stayed many times that we darn well better provide for our veterans, as putting your life on the line in military service is one of the highest callings, and my voting record since 2018 reflects that. 

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