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The ODP Veterans Committee is fighting to advance and protect our common interests by electing vet-friendly Democrats to office.

The funds we raise from member dues, special events, and other contributions go directly to campaigns, not to overhead. We host well-attended candidate forums popular with officeholders and active Democrats, including our annual pancake breakfast.

We write endorsement statements, specific to the candidate, for use in campaign literature and websites. This year, we intend our own “boots on the ground” canvassing days in close races. Events may need to be adjusted as the pandemic continues, with emphasis on social media, and we have plans for that.

And while working to elect Democrats, we continue our efforts to defend veterans’ interests, as in our active campaign to protect the tax exemption for military widows. We honor a vet-friendly Legislator of the Year, Sen. George Young, and will this year give a special award to Congresswoman Kendra Horn for her untiring efforts for us.

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PO Box 54804 Oklahoma City, OK 73154

The Oklahoma Democratic Party Veterans Committee works to elect Veteran-friendly Democrats and to support and defend the interests of all Veterans and military families. The Committee hosts well-attended forums with candidates and officeholders including an annual pancake breakfast. The Committee participates in Democratic, Veterans, and community events throughout the year across the state.

Membership is open to Democratic Veterans and non-Veterans alike. Join us! 

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