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We are Celebrating our hard work

Hello Veterans and Military Families, The impact of grassroots organizing in the Veteran and Military Families community was critical in the success of the Biden-Harris campaign. We cannot thank you enough for the phone banking, the text messaging, and the door knocking. The participation in endless Zoom calls, the homemade campaign signs, the artwork, social media posts, as all showed the strength and breadth of the Veteran community. This is why we are celebrating this WIN together with you. We are so thankful to the Biden-Harris campaign for the targeted outreach to our community across several battleground states. We are grateful to all well VMFC members who went above and beyond. But our work doesn't stop here. We will now have to focus our attention on repairing the many broken aspects of our government. Please stay engaged and continue to help us restore the "Soul of this Nation". Thank you for allowing me to work with all of you during this time. I truly appreciate you all and cannot wait to see what the future holds for us.

Regards, Ron Pierce Senior Advisor, DNC, Veterans and Military Families Council

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