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Our Committee will convene its Biennial Convention on 2/18/23, at 10 AM. It will be a blended event, with live attendance at Oklahoma Democratic Party Headquarters, 3815 N. Santa Fe, Oklahoma City, but members may also attend by Zoom link. The agenda and link will be emailed at a later date.

The first order of business will be nomination and election of Committee officers for 2023-24. The offices to be filled are President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and a representative for each of the five Oklahoma Congressional Districts. OK Dem Vets membership is open to any registered Democrat, but Committee officers must be Veterans of the US Armed Forces.

A 5-member Nominating Committee is preparing a list of one or more nominees for each of the nine offices. If you wish to be considered for nomination, please let us know at the following link. Email or Click this link to email your interest and contact information.

A list of nominees will be emailed to members 10 days in advance of the Convention, but nominations from the floor are also in order. The names submitted by the Nominating Committee are not assured of election. To vote at the General Meeting, you must have paid your annual dues, which you can do in two ways: Mail a $10 check to *

Oklahoma Democratic Veterans,

PO Box 54804

Oklahoma City, OK 73154

* Or contribute here through our Act Blue site.

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