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Candidates for US Senator 2022 - view candidate responses

  • Jason Bollinger

  • Madison Horn​

Candidates for OK County Commissioner District 1 - view candidate responses

  • Carrie Blumert

  • Anastasia Pittman

2022 Mid Term Election Candidate Endorsements

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  • Governnor - Joy Hofmeister

  • Lieutenant Governor - Melinda Alizadeh-Fard

US Congress

  • CD1 - Adam Martin

  • CD2 - Naomi Andrews

  • CD4 - Mary Brannon

  • CD5 - Joshua Harris-Till

Oklahoma State Senate

  • SD2 - Jennifer Esau

  • SD16 - Mary Boren

  • SD22 - Blake Aguirre

  • SD28 - Karen Rackley

  • SD30 - Julia Kirt

  • SD40 - Carri Hicks

  • SD48 - George Young, Sr.

Oklahoma State House of Representatives

  • HD12 - Crystal LaGrone 

  • HD13 - Jimmy W. Haley 

  • HD26 - Gregory Hardin 

  • HD42 - Steve Jarman 

  • HD44 - Jared Deck 

  • HD45 - Annie Menz

  • HD46 - Jacob Rosencrants

  • HD63 - Shykira Smith

  • HD64 - Kyle Meraz

  • HD71 - Amanda Swope

  • HD77 - John Waldron

  • HD79 - Melissa Provenzano

  • HD83 - Gregory Clyde

  • HD84 - Jeremy Lamb

  • HD90 - Nana Dankwa

  • HD94 - Andy Fugate

  • HD95 - Tegan Malone

Other Races

  • Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner: Margaret Warigia Bowman

  • State Superintendent of Public Instruction:  Jenna Nelson

  • OK County Commissioner: Cathy Cummings


Governorship of Oklahoma

Governor - Joy Hofmeister

The Oklahoma Democratic Veterans Committee supports the election of Joy Hofmeister as Governor of Oklahoma. The daughter and granddaughter of US Army Veterans and the aunt of an active-duty Marine, Joy understands the challenges Veterans face accessing quality healthcare, including mental health care; securing stable employment, and forming connections in new communities as they transition to civilian life. As Governor, she will fight efforts to privatize Veterans’ centers – something Kevin Stitt wants! Veterans, who have protected all Americans, deserve the highest level of care and service, not contracts awarded to the highest bidder or services prioritizing profit over care. As State Superintendent of Public Instruction, she has served on the Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission for Oklahoma, knowing that military families will flourish when their children are welcomed and successfully integrated into new school communities. As Governor, she will be a vocal advocate for veterans and military families, beginning by appointing and supporting leaders with military experience to the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs. She will work tirelessly to ensure that services to Veterans are of the highest quality and easily accessible, while pursuing public-private partnerships that expand community connections for all who have served our country.

Lieutenant Governor - Melinda Alizadeh-Fard

The Oklahoma Democratic Veterans Committee supports the election of Melinda Alizadeh-Fard as Lieutenant Governor. The daughter of a US Navy Veteran and step-daughter of an Army Veteran, both of whom served in Vietnam, with a nephew serving in the Oklahoma National Guard, she believes the most pressing issues facing Veterans and military families, especially those who have served in wartime, include better mental health services, and homelessness, a problem closely related to the need for mental health support. Melinda strongly opposes privatization of our VA hospitals. As Lieutenant Governor, she will be a strong advocate for service members, active and retired, and will push for use of Oklahoma’s Linked Deposit Program for Agriculture, Small Business, and Rural and Affordable Housing in support of Veterans’ needs. Melinda posts an annual tribute to her great uncle, Ted Underwood, who died in Belgium just before the Battle of the Bulge, to remind Americans of the sacrifices service members make, and the importance of honoring those sacrifices.


Candidates for US Congress 2022

CD1 - Adam Martin

The Oklahoma Democratic Veterans Committee supports the election of Adam Martin to the US House of Representatives from Congressional District One. The grandson of a Korean War veteran, with cousins and uncles in the Marines, Adam will work to insure that active duty service men and women, military families, and Veterans receive the full and timely medical care they need and deserve, including mental health treatment. He will work to insure adequate support for Veterans transitioning back to civilian life, including access to workforce programs, good paying jobs, and affordable housing. He will be a reliable “Yes” vote on bills supporting and protecting Veterans and their Families.

CD2 - Naomi Andrews

The Oklahoma Democratic Veterans Committee supports Naomi Andrews as Representative for Congressional District One. Her grandfather, a 1 st Engineer in the Merchant Marine, was highly decorated for his service during World War II, Korea and Vietnam. Her grandmother served in the Women’s Army Corp in World War II, driving convoys and much more, but has never received the recognition or benefits conferred on her husband, an oversight Naomi is resolved to redress. She has cared for the children of friends deployed to Afghanistan, and has received national recognition for her efforts to raise PTSD awareness. She recognizes critical issues facing service members and Veterans: suicide; homelessness; geographic, institutional and cultural barriers to healthcare, as well as inadequate funding; a culture that stigmatizes mental health needs; gender inequality; sexual assault; mistreatment of LGBTQ service members; low pay for enlisted personnel; financial and emotional stresses leading to violence at home; and support for those whose military duties raise issues of personal faith and conscience. She will be judicious in voting on wartime measures, while always supporting service members and families. She endorses legislation proposed by Rep. Mikie Sherrill (NJ-11) to designate June 12th as Women Veterans Appreciation Day.

CD4 - Mary Brannon

The Oklahoma Democratic Party Veterans Committee endorses Mary Brannon for the U.S. House of Representatives from Oklahoma, District Four. The daughter of a Veteran who landed at Normandy, with brothers who fought in Vietnam and Desert Storm, she believes that Veterans deserve quality health care and a livable wage, and must be treated like the heroes they are. She strongly opposes every scheme to privatize the VA, which would raise costs while reducing quality of service (as did the privatization of housing at Tinker AFB). Mary has met with local veterans’ organizations, and will continue to listen and learn from Veterans. She promised her dying brother, a Marine Corps Veteran 100% disabled after two tours in Vietnam, that she would continue the fight.

CD5 - Joshua Harris-Till

The Oklahoma Democratic Veterans Committee supports the election of Joshua Harris-Till as US Representative for Congressional District Five. Josh believe that the United States spends disproportionately on wars, but fails to give our troops and Veterans the support they have earned with their sacrifices; that active duty service members deserve pay comparable to that earned by private contractors; that VA hospitals should be funded sufficiently to provide adequate physical and mental health care, with outsourced care readily accessible when necessary; and that processing should be streamlined so that military families can more easily navigate the VA system. In office, Josh will support legislation favorable to veterans, will coordinate closely with VA administration within CD-5, and will strongly support Joining Forces, First Lady Dr. Jill Biden’s initiative to support military spouses and families through an interagency working group within the National Security Council.


Oklahoma State Senate

SD2 - Jennifer Esau

The Oklahoma Democratic Veterans Committee supports Jennifer Esau for Oklahoma Senate District 2. Both of Jennifer’s grandfather’s served in World War II, one with the Merchant Marine the other fighting with the Army in Sicily. Her uncle and father-in law are veterans of the Air Force and Navy respectively. Her father, a Navy veteran of Vietnam, died from the lingering effects of Agent Orange in 2014. From family she learned the importance of patriotism and of respect for military service, values she has always emphasized as a public school teacher. She understands that veterans and military families have pressing needs in health care, including mental health care and suicide prevention, and of homelessness, which legislators must understand and remedy.

SD16 - Mary Boren

The Oklahoma Democratic Veterans Committee supports Senator Mary Boren, who is unopposed for re-election to SD 16.The daughter of a US Air Force Veteran, Mary supports fully funding programs and services designed to insure that Veterans seeking employment get full credit for the skills they learned while on active duty, looking at Virginia’s system as a good model. She also fully supports every program helping Veterans enjoy healthy and independent lives.

SD22 - Blake Aguirre

The Oklahoma Democratic Veterans Committee endorses Blake Aguirre for Oklahoma Senate District 22. The son of a US Navy veteran, he understands the sacrifices service members make to defend our freedom. Blake is alarmed by rates of substance abuse, homelessness and suicide among Veterans, often arising from mental health issues, especially PTSD. As a legislator, he will work tirelessly with Oklahoma’s Veterans hospitals and other care facilities to address these critical needs and to help Veterans navigate the healthcare system, so that those who risked their lives for our country receive all the care and benefits they deserve.

SD28 - Karen Rackley

The Oklahoma Democratic Veterans committee supports the election of Karen Rackley to Oklahoma State Senate District 28. A Registered Nurse since 1995, she obtained her Doctorate (DNP) in 2016 from OCU; and currently practices as a Nurse Practitioner. A self-described “Military Brat” whose father, US Army retied Major, flew Huey’s in Vietnam.  Her husband, Command Sargent Major retired, served over 40 years of combined service in the US Army and Oklahoma National Guard; with tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Karen is a lifetime member of the VFW Ladies Auxiliary. She is a holder of the US Field Artillery Association’s Molly Pitcher award. Karen has a clear, firsthand understanding of issues facing military families, including the need for improved mental health services for Veterans suffering from PTSD, anxiety, and other conditions. Her family has personally experienced the inadequate care for “War Traumas” Veterans often receive.   Other pressing problems she emphasizes are the growing homelessness rates in rural areas and inadequate support for families during deployments. To address these problems, Karen favors greater community involvement to foster new ideas and creative solutions. She supports a strong Oklahoma National Guard presence, essential as problems at the Southern border continue. 

SD30 - Julia Kirt

The Oklahoma Democratic Veterans Committee supports the re-election of Julia Kirt for Oklahoma Senate District 30. The daughter of a career US Air Force Veteran who served in Vietnam, she has been proud to serve on the Veterans and Military Affairs Committee in the State Senate. During her tenure there, the Committee has made great progress to ensure that military spouses can quickly participate in their careers while stationed here, and to ensure that students of military families have options for continuing their education. She has helped enact increased tax breaks for disabled Veterans, and has worked to improve the quality of care at the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs’ long-term care facilities. She knows that Veterans face challenges getting stable, well-paying jobs and quality mental health care after leaving service. She actively assists constituents needing to access State services and benefits.

SD40 - Carri Hicks

The Oklahoma Democratic Veterans Committee supports the re-election of Carri Hicks for Oklahoma Senate District 40. The daughter of a US Navy Veterans, with grandfathers who both served in World War II, Hicks believes it’s “incredibly important” that we keep our promises to Veterans and military families regarding health care, taxes, and all needed support services. In the Senate she has worked to reduce the tax burden for Veterans and their families while expanding educational opportunities and increasing investment in Veterans hospitals. She is always available to help constituents receive the services to which they are entitled.

SD48 - George Young, Sr.

The Oklahoma Democratic Veterans Committee supports the re-election of Senator George Young, Sr., to represent District 48. George’s father served in World War II. His three brothers and one sister all served in the US Army, including multiple tours in Vietnam, with two retiring at the rank of colonel. He works closely with NABVETS on issues affecting Veterans’ and their families in the community. He served on a Veterans’ advisory group to bring issues of concern to the legislature under Governor Fallin, and he speaks frequently at events by and for Veterans. George will continue to work on issues of special concern to Veterans and military families, including health care, psychological support systems, and economic safety and security.


Oklahoma State House of Representatives

HD12 - Crystal LaGrone 

The Oklahoma Democratic Veterans Committee endorses Crystal LaGrone for Oklahoma House District 12. The granddaughter of a Marine Corps Veteran of World War II, and grand-niece of a POW in Korea, she has many friends who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. She knows that Veterans deserve quality medical care, including improved mental health care to address the frighteningly high suicide rate among Veterans. Wages and support services for service members and families must be increased, and the plight of homeless Veterans resolved. To address these problems, Crystal believes that we need better coordination between State and Federal veterans’ services, and an improved data infrastructure for communication between hospitals, doctors, and medical facilities. Increased State funding is needed to close these communication gaps so that no Veteran falls between the cracks. Better legislation and regulation are needed so that Veterans no longer must endure a system that praises them verbally while neglecting them tangibly.

HD13 - Jimmy W. Haley

The Oklahoma Democratic Veterans Committee endorses Jimmy W. Haley for Oklahoma Representative, District 13. A 5-year veteran of the US Air Force, Haley’s tours of duty included Ramstein AFB, Germany, working on the operational bed down of ground launched cruise missiles, a move strategic to the easing of tensions in Europe, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the reunification of Germany. His priorities for veterans include medical support and housing, addressing the problem of veterans’ homelessness. He also recognizes that military families deserve greater support while their loved one(s) are deployed. He will listen to, and communicate with veterans and serving military to identify and address specific needs.

HD26 - Gregory Hardin

The Oklahoma Democratic Veterans Committee endorses Gregory Hardin for Oklahoma Representative, District 26. Hardin, a history scholar destined for a teaching career in that field, will pay well deserved attention to military history so that students come to understand the dangers and challenges our warriors face, and the sacrifices they make. From his close friends currently serving, he knows of their struggles to meet monthly bills, and knows that they deserve greater compensation and benefits. In his District, he sees that the widespread homeless population includes many veterans. As a Representative, he will be fully invested in identifying and addressing the needs of veterans and military families.

HD42 - Steve Jarman 

The Oklahoma Democratic Veterans Committee endorses Steve Jarman for Oklahoma House District 42. Although serious health issues in his youth barred Steve from military service himself, his family has a rich tradition of service in both European and Pacific Theaters of World War II and in Vietnam. He has seen the problems service vets can bring home with them, including PTSD. He understands that more funding is urgently needed for services to Veterans, especially for quality care at Veterans’ hospitals, and that inadequate access to mental health treatment is a major contributor to homelessness among Veterans. He knows that meeting Veterans’ needs demands reaching out to them, listening to and learning from their experiences.

HD44 - Jared Deck 

The Oklahoma Democratic Veterans Committee supports Jared Deck for State Representative, District 44. The grandson of a US Army Veteran, he understands important issues facing Veterans and military families, including navigating social services (practically a full-time job); receiving access to mental health care in a timely manner, including suicide prevention and substance abuse services; and obtaining affordable housing. (No Veteran should have to endure homelessness.) In order to better serve Veterans and military families, Jared will listen to their concerns, promote systems of care that wrap services around the Veteran, demand affordable access to career tech and higher education, advocate for higher pay and benefits, and push to end further cuts to the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs.

HD45 - Annie Menz

The Oklahoma Democratic Veterans Committee endorses Annie Menz for Oklahoma Representative, District 45. Menz is herself a veteran (US Navy), as are her brother (Marines), father (Army) and grandfather (Navy). She is a member of the American Legion, the Oklahoma women veterans organization, and the Dem Vets Committee. Alarmed that the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs has suffered a 35% cut in funding since 2009, she will fight to restore adequate funding for housing and health care, including access to mental health services.

HD46 - Jacob Rosencrants

The Oklahoma Democratic Veterans Committee supports the re-election of Jacob Rosecrants as Oklahoma Representative, District 46. The son of a US Navy veteran and nephew of another Navy vet currently residing at the Norman Veterans Center, Rosecrants works with the Dale K. Graham Center, which assists Veterans with the claims process, mental health services, and other needs. He knows that Veterans deserve support for their immediate needs, such as suicide prevention, but also protection from the unnecessary burdens of excess bureaucracy and lip service from politicians. As a legislator, he is working to get the second week in October designated as Veterans Suicide Awareness Week, and supports every single pro-Veteran bill.

HD63 - Shykira Smith

The Oklahoma Democratic Veterans Committee endorses Shykira Smith for Oklahoma Representative, District 63. A US Army Veteran with over twelve years of active duty service, she deployed to Afghanistan in 2003 - 2004, and to Iraq in 2004, serving there alongside her husband. She was a senior medic under General Mark Milley, current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. (Her medical training served well in 2018, when – coming upon a roadside accident, she rescued a trapped motorist from his car.) Between them, the Smiths have over 38 years of active duty military service. Her father, grandfather, brother-in-law and son-in-law all served in the military as well. Smith believes that veterans transitioning from military to civilian life deserve as much support as they received when transitioning from civilian to soldier. House District 63 includes active duty soldiers and their families residing at Fort Sill, who deserve a Representative willing to work across the aisle to prioritize their needs, including education, finances, and mental health services.

HD64 - Kyle Meraz

The Oklahoma Democratic Veterans Committee endorses Kyle Meraz for Oklahoma House District 64. As a COVID nurse at Comanche County Memorial Hospital, Kyle is a strong advocate for healthcare access and funding for Veterans, including rural vets. Investing in health care and implementing price caps on prescription drugs is needed so that no one has to choose between health care and other needs. Mental health services must be available and accessible, he believes, so that no Veteran has to internalize trauma. His other priorities for Veterans include quality jobs at a living wage and with opportunity for advancement, and safe and affordable housing for low income and disabled Veterans.

HD71 - Amanda Swope

The Oklahoma Democratic Veterans Committee supports Amanda Swope for Oklahoma House District 71. Amanda comes from a large military family, whose member have served in the US Air Force and Army in World War II (present at Pearl Harbor), Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, so she is keenly aware of the important problems facing Veterans and military families, including homelessness, suicide, sexual assault within the ranks, a dilapidated healthcare system, and inadequate compensation for sacrifices made in service to the Nation. Her commitment to improved mental health services, to greater opportunities for higher education, to affordable housing, and to employment opportunities and, when necessary, unemployment benefits, will serve Veterans and military families and all Oklahomans.

HD77 - John Waldron

The Oklahoma Democratic Party Veterans Committee supports the re-election of John Waldron to House District 77. While members of his immediate family fought in America’s earlier wars, John is well aware of the problems facing post-9/11 Veterans, including the need for support in accessing mental health services and transitioning to civilian life. In just one week, he notes, a typical one, he worked to help one Veteran applying for housing assistance, served another – a combatant in the Vietnam Tet Offensive, seeking to change his disability designation from 60% to 100%, and assisted yet a third, jailed for a PTSD-related offense, in coping with the criminal justice system. Veterans, and of course all his constituents, should know they have a friend and ally in Representative John Waldron.

HD79 - Melissa Provenzano

The Oklahoma Democratic Veterans Committee supports the re-election of Melissa Provenzano to Oklahoma House District 79. The daughter and step-daughter of US Veterans, including her late father, who served in Vietnam, Provenzano supports better access to health services, including mental health services, for Veterans. In 2022, she co-authored HB1967, the Dignity in Burial Act providing grants for burials for those unable to pay, and HB1806, which grants in-state tuition to honorably discharged Veterans. Both these measures were enacted into law. She also co-authored HB3693, a bill pending in the Senate which would exempt Veterans from Oklahoma income tax.

HD83 - Gregory Clyde 

The Oklahoma Democratic Veterans Committee endorses Gregory Clyde for Oklahoma House District 83. Growing up on and around Fort Sill, Greg had close ties to many servicemen and women, including a father, uncle and both grandfathers in the US Army. Greg recognizes the promise our Nation has made to her Veterans and will do everything in his power to ensure the VA and other organizations provide them with the quality health care and benefits they have earned. He is also aware of the challenges and obstacles our active duty personnel face, and will serve as their advocate at the Capitol. In office, Greg will work to enhance programs that strengthen family stability, open doors for spousal employment and the recognition of other states’ licensing, and ensure affordable quality housing for all who have faithfully served our country.

HD84 - Jeremy Lamb

The Oklahoma Democratic Veterans Committee endorses Jeremy Lamb for Oklahoma House District 84. The nephew and son in law of US military Veterans, Lamb attends church with many Vets. He regards post-deployment medical and financial support as the most important issues facing Veterans. If elected, he will be a constant advocate for increased financial and support services for Veterans.

HD90 - Nana Dankwa

The Oklahoma Democratic Party Veterans Committee supports Nana Dankwa for Oklahoma House District 90. The husband of a proud “military brat” who trained in advanced nursing at the VA, the son-in law of a retired, 100% disabled Veteran, and the longtime friend of many service members, Nana has learned of their needs and concerns first hand. Having worked for nine years as a health care professional, serving diverse patients at a top Oklahoma facility, Nana will champion quality health care, including mental health care, for veterans and military families. He supports continuing tax benefits for military widows, and any legislation affecting military families, but he also supports private programs like the Homeless Alliance which can benefit Veterans. Similarly, he will work to make colleges aware that their scholarship criteria often fail adequately to recognize military service. Knowing that Americans owe our freedoms to the sacrifices made by service members and their families, Nana will work to ensure their access to equal opportunities in work and education, affordable child care, and affordable quality housing.

HD94 - Andy Fugate

The Oklahoma Democratic Veterans Committee endorses Andy Fugate for re-election to Oklahoma House District 94. The son and son-in-law of retired US Air Force Veterans, and the brother and nephew of Army Veterans, Andy is proud of the many service members who reside in his district. He regrets that too many people confuse hyper-patriotism with the respect due military service. An Honorary Commander at Tinker Air Force Base, he is in regular communication with base leadership and local Veterans’ organizations. Serving on the House Veterans and Military Affairs Committee, Andy has co-sponsored legislation to expand sales tax exemptions for military service organizations and supports expanding in-state tuition options for service-connected families.

HD95 - Tegan Malone

The Oklahoma Democratic Veterans Committee endorses Tegan Malone for Oklahoma House District 95. Her military ties run deep. Her grandfathers were Veterans of World War II and Vietnam; her father retired as Executive Director of AMARC at Tinker AFB, and her eldest son is an electroplater there. During her family’s active duty time, she served on the board of the Women’s Auxilliary at David Grant Medical Center, Travis AFB. Currently, she works with Team River Runner, an organization created by Walter Reed Medical Center to build ADA-accessible kayak launch facilities for wounded Veterans and other wheelchair-bound people at Lake Stanley Draper (in HD 95) and other waterways in the OKC Metropolitan area. She understands the problems Veterans and military families face, including access to quality schools for often relocated families; employment opportunities for spouses, including priority placement in the federal jobs system; mental health care, since the demands of military service can take a heavy toll; and inadequate reporting and response to sexual assault. Having carried a pregnancy to term while her husband was deployed to a war zone, she fully understands both the hardships and the rewards of military service.


Oklahoma Corporation Commission: Margaret Warigia Bowman

The Oklahoma Democratic Veterans Committee supports the election of Margaret Warigia Bowman to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. Warigia’s sister, a Captain in the US Army Reserves, suffered from PTSD and died at age 45 from cancer derived from exposure to toxic waste at Guantanamo, so Dr. Bowman knows very well that Veterans and active duty service members deserve wrap-around medical care, including mental health care. She believes also that service men and women, especially enlisted personnel, deserve higher pay and benefits, and help getting skilled jobs after leaving service. No Veteran, she says, should have to endure homelessness. As Corporation Commissioner, the most important thing Warigia can do for Veterans, and for all Oklahomans, is to keep electric and gas prices down. The OCC, she believes, is not doing its job to ensure that utilities are properly managed. As a University of Tulsa law professor teaching energy and regulation, she is a perfect fit for the office. If elected, she would form a majority able to assure fair rates for consumers.

State Superintendent of Public Instruction: Jena Nelson

The Oklahoma Democratic Veterans Committee supports the election of Jena Nelson as State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Jena’s family includes Veterans of the US Army and Navy, and many of her former students have embarked on military careers. Jena understands that access to quality healthcare is vitally important to Veterans. (Her great uncle, a Veteran of World War II, was recently unable to get the services he needed through the VA, and had to be airlifted to a hospital 236 miles away.) She also understands that the children of service members deserve an excellent education, no matter where they are stationed. As State Superintendent, she will make sure that the credits of students of military families are accepted by all school districts to which they transfer. Schools must also be encouraged to make these relocated students feel welcome.

OK County Commissioner - Cathy Cummings

The Oklahoma Democratic Veterans Committee supports Cathy Cummings for Oklahoma County Commissioner, District 3. Cathy comes from a family of Veterans, including a US Army Veteran father who served in Korea, and a grandfather enlisted in 1918. Her great, great uncle was General of the Army Omar Bradley, the first Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the tradition continues with a cousin on active duty with the US Marine Corps. Veterans deserve to be honored with special events, like those Cathy organized as Mayor of The Village. But they also need improved mental health services to address problems of homelessness, addiction and suicide. She would pursue American Recovery Act funds to support mental health services, coordinating closely with VA hospitals. She is resolved that the County Detention Center not be the community’s biggest mental health facility!