Kody Macaulay
Congressional Candidate District 4 – Oklahoma kodyforok.com

1. Have you ever served in the US Armed Forces? If so, what were your branch, rank and years of service? Mention any details you might want voters to know.

Yes, I served in the Air Force from 2009-2016 on Active Duty and then from 2016-2022 in the Air Force Reserves. I ended my career as an E-6 (Technical Sergeant). I spent 3 years in Okinawa, Japan and the rest of the time at Tinker, had two deployments, and about 2,000 flying hours on the E-3 Sentry (AWACS). My job was a K1A371, meaning I was an instructor airborne surveillance technician. I evaluated radar and IFF returns to determine good guys from bad guys in the air. I have multiple Air Medals, an Aerial Achievement Medal for flights over Korea, Meritorious Service Medal, and multiple other medals.

2. Do you have connections with veterans or active-duty service members, including but not limited to family ties?

Absolutely, I have friends I served with and some that are still in the military.

3. What do you consider the most important issue facing veterans and military families?

VA Funding. Too many veterans are falling through the cracks in the system, a system that has gotten much better over the past few years but can still be shored up.

4. In what ways can you be helpful to Veterans and military families if elected to office? These may of course include policies not specifically directed to those communities. If you are an incumbent, include initiatives you have already undertaken.

Definitely advocate for extra funding so we can open up some more clinics and hire more staff to handle claims. My VA claims went through pretty quickly, and it still took 5 months, but I’ve had friends that had to wait for over a year. I would tell any veteran to call my office if they’re waiting more than 6 months and as a member of Congress I will reach out to the VA and see if I can’t get some movement on it. Also, I know it’s a rumor that keeps popping up, but I’d definitely fight to keep the VA from being privatized. If privatized, we’ll lose all oversight power over the VA. The government may not be the greatest at running programs, but at least we’ll have the power to fix things.

I’d also like to set up a Congressional Committee on Veteran homelessness and try to find out what kind of programs we can come up with to get housing set up, jobs or a trade school if possible, and a case worker to check in with them. I know the VA has their own advisory committee on this, but I don’t feel like it’s getting enough attention or traction.

Kody Macaulay
Congressional Candidate
District 4 – Oklahoma

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